Business Loans


Short Term Working Capital Loan :


Working capital loans are issued to meet customers' short term financing requirements to ensure smooth running of daily operations of the company. ICICI Bank Shanghai offers both fund based and non-fund based working capital facilities to corporates.


Project and Structured Finance


ICICI Bank has a long and successful track record in providing project financing solutions to Indian corporates. ICICI Bank Shanghai offers project financing solutions to corporates who have investments / ongoing business interests linking India and the rest of Asia. With our strong experience and proven track record, ICICI Bank Shanghai is the ideal partner to provide banking assistance. We offer a wide range of financing solutions to meet the requirements of our customers engaging in such activities.


Syndication Loan:


ICICI Bank has a dedicated Foreign Currency Loan syndication desk set up to pursue the loan syndication business. The primary focus has been on meeting the requirements of India-led corporates business. The Bank has a large syndication network through its presence at ICICI Banks’ offshore locations and through partnerships with other banks globally. The team consists of specialists, who are experienced in the international loan syndicate market and have strong understanding of the India loan market.